Is the New Nissan GTR Nismo Worth the Extra Money?

We are just average car enthusiasts around here.  We like damn near everything with wheels and some things without.  That said, we tend to take a budget or dollar-per-horsepower approach to how we buy and build cars around here.  After brushing up on some of the specs of the new 2015 Nismo GTR I have to ask…is it worth it?

nismogtr2015The 2015 GTR Premium rings the cash register at $101,700.  The 2015 Nismo GTR rings up at $149,990.  What do you get for that extra $48,000?  You get 55hp and 18lb.ft. of torque.  It’s not really that simple though.  You get better aero, a better suspension, and some Recaro seats as well.  That’s just the short list.

Considering how a lot of tuners approach their cars we just have to ask.  Can you get all the same and more power for less money?  Tipping the scales at just $12,000 is the Alpha 7 package from .  That will net you 120hp and 270lb.ft. of torque over the factory specs.  That’s just the low end of Alpha’s offerings.

Throw in your own suspension bits, some chassis bracing, aero, and paint and I am sure you are still a far cry from $48,000.  Maybe it’s just me, but, I’d rather put my own stamp on it.

Even with all that said, I am certain this will be a ridiculous car.  One that small boys and girls will dream of for years to come.  Posters will hang on walls, calendars will sit on desks, and dreams of the Nismo GTR will certainly conquer the minds of many.  I can’t wait to see what Nissan has up it’s sleeve next!




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