Formula 1 Pitstop vs. NASCAR Pitstop…This is Crap!

So I watched this “F1 Perfection” pit stop video and while it was definitely fast it was also definitely boring.  There is no drama, there is very little effort, there are 354 people out there already on the wrong side of the wall waiting.  What kind of crap is this?  The car stopped, jacked itself up, someone took off one nut, took the wheel off, put a new one on, the jack let the car back down, and the car was off.  A splash of fuel in there and the pit crew didn’t even move.

Then I searched a fast NASCAR pit stop on youtube and came across this one.  One of many.  There is action, drama, coordination of a grander scale, etc.  These boys don’t wait for the car to do shit.  They get out there after the car has stopped and do it themselves.  2 guys take care of 2 wheels each and those wheels each have 5 lug nuts.  One guy is on the speed jack and one guy on the gasoline.  Hoses have to be slung out of the way and the gas guy has to coordinate his efforts with the tire changers.  These guys put on the show.  8 seconds in and out with good effort all around.

I know, I know…blah blah NASCAR, drive fast turn left, rubbin is racin, save me Tom Cruise.  The NASCAR pit stop is just better…FACT!


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