In Soviet Russia, Truck Off Roads On You!

Yes yes…insert your favorite Yakov Smirnoff jokes related to trucks and off-roading here.  I will wait.  …………… Done?  I can’t tell whether or not this guy is a complete and total asshole or miracle worker when it comes to getting around traffic.  Check out this video of his antics…

Oh come on now, don’t sit there and tell me that you haven’t ever thought about doing this.  Maybe not quite to this extent.  I hope you would NEVER just aim at people and not give a fuck.  However, it’s tempting to peek onto the shoulder of the freeway and just gun past all the traffic right?  Hell yeah it’s tempting.  We are only human.

russiadoucheThe moron in question is pictured here.  Yes, he did stop to harass the cops about being in the way.  I guess these cops got their training in Great Britain.  An American cop would have beat that ass all day.  Let’s call him Jakov since that follows the title of the article and well, he is a douche.

UAZThe truck in question is pictured above.  It’s a UAZ-469, a Russian/Eastern Bloc military vehicle.  Some of these were eventually sold to regular citizens because, let’s face it, they need to make money.  Despite what you are thinking, these trucks are fairly legendary in Mother Russia.  Only reason is for its off-road capability and it’s easy to repair.  Reliability wasn’t real high on the list, especially the transmission or the electrical bits.

So what do you think about this bag of douche?

-AM Gabe


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